College of the Ozarks

Charging no tuition, that’s right, ZERO, will catch just about any shopping student or parent’s attention. College of the Ozarks (CO) is able to offer this unique opportunity because of its student work program and generous donations. CO is not called “Hard Work U” for nothing! The student work program requires full-time students to work 15 hours at their assigned campus work station. This work experience not only results in the #2 ranking of affordability but it also gives students a great advantage upon graduation when entering the workforce. Students have over 40 majors to choose from and an almost equal number of minors along with 10 pre-professional programs. This combination of top rate academic training combined with a no-nonsense approach to hands on training and good dose of real world responsibility earns this institution the top spot in this list.

Additional School Information
Student-to-faculty ratio: 14:1
Applicants accepted: 13%
Receive scholarship/grant aid: 100%
Return after freshman year: 88%
Graduate within six years: 65%


Gordon College

Founded in 1889, Gordon College (GC) is a liberal arts college located in Wenham, MA just north of Boston. GC faculty and administration approach education as transformation and seek to create a context in which each student’s vocation is refined and opportunities to apply what they are learning abound. GC strives to keep the torch, that many of its neighboring institutions once carried, burning which works to integrate faith and learning and to train students to think holistically about the problems they will face in their professions. There are five components that provide the framework for this approach to education: 1) academic community, 2) mentors, 3) moral development, 4) professional development, and 5) developing the “tools of learning.” GC offers 38 majors and 41 concentrations from which students can chart their training and preparation as well as graduate degrees in education and music. In addition to these campus based options, student at GC have numerous global opportunities to broaden their view of the world and deepen their understanding of the problems they will have to be prepared to address upon graduation.

Additional School Information
Student-to-faculty ratio: 14:1
Applicants accepted: 41%
Receive scholarship/grant aid: 99%
Return after freshman year: 80%
Graduate within six years: 71%


Goshen College

Goshen College (GC) is a nationally ranked liberal arts college located in Goshen, IN and was established in 1894. GC has a strong thread of peace and productivity running through just about everything the college does. Having faith and an open mind is the starting point for to work towards a peaceful response to whatever challenges the world throws at them. What they call the “Goshen Core” aims to prepare every graduate to investigate complex problems with a multi-disciplinarian approach. Undergraduates have 37 majors to choose from in addition to a host of minors and concentrations that can be combined to suit each student’s desire based upon their chosen career path. GC currently offers four graduate degrees and a good variety of adult degree completion programs. In addition to these degree program, GC is known for its Study-Service Term (SST) in which students work and study in another country for three months. This program has students learning the host country’s language, history and culture while participating in service work in a very wide range of occupations. This experience combined with the top tier academic program and exciting campus life make GC one of our top choices.

Additional School Information
Student-to-faculty ratio: 10:1
Applicants accepted: 55%
Receive scholarship/grant aid: 100%
Return after freshman year: 85%
Graduate within six years: 70%



Coming Soon Jesus is an amazing organization. I run CurrentFM radio in Virginia Beach and we have worked with Duke White & Coming Soon Jesus, in doing so we have received donations back to the station. Coming Soon Jesus has a heart for the community and is always working to bring everyone together and help local businesses and ministries.

Anne Verebely
General Manager


I just wanted to take the time to express our gratitude and appreciation for all you do in the community and for our ministry.

You have done so much for the children, often going into rough neighborhoods just to let them know they are loved, cared for, and a blessing. But most importantly, sounding the alarm that Jesus IS Coming Again Soon. We have always loved your tee-shirts and other apparel expressing our belief that Jesus is Coming Soon. Hallelujah!

We also appreciate your partnership and support for two other ministries that I founded and host ... The Church Guide newspaper and The River Room Coffeehouse Church. I can’t thank you enough and your team of volunteers for taking our monthly Christian newspaper into neighborhoods and personally hand delivering them to those who might not have ever seen our paper before. It was a wonderful act of love and kindness by sharing the many ministries available to so many people in Hampton Roads, that can only be found in our newspaper and on our website

Furthermore, we appreciate the time, people, groups, bands, and more that you have introduced us to and brought out to The River Room Coffeehouse to share their music and love for Christ. A lot of connections and new friends were made because of your efforts. Again, I say Thank You!

We appreciate your ministry, we love your apparel, and stand my the fact that Jesus is Coming Soon.

Thank you,
Ray Boetcher


Streetlight Christian Project gained the support of in the beginning of 2014. helped us fund numerous outreach projects, and provided much needed support with various fundraising events. has been hands on with Streetlight Christian Project, showing up when we need them, providing merchandise in a timely fashion, and helping to disciple those within our ministry. As a leader, CSJ gives me the opportunity to devote more time to my ministry. CSJ has proven to provide the support and platform it claims to. In many ways, it liberates the SCP to accomplish our goals and stimulate evangelism at the same time, and that's a big deal to us.

Matthew Gay
Visionary and Chief Servant of Streetlight Christian Project

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