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Donate $25 to JS Missions and receive one shirt.

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Donate $25 to JS Missions and recieve one shirt.

Letting God lead the way, Jeremy and I are answering the call on our hearts to serve the Lord as missionaries. Jeremy and I have been believers in Jesus Christ since very young ages. We first met in 2013 and committed our relationship to God immediately! We both were baptized at our church on September 13th 2015. Jeremy has worked in several fields where he was helping others and found more than just fulfillment, but joy as well. I have worked with children from preschoolers to school aged and found it have a passion for children and adults with special needs and different abilities. Jeremy and I are both responding to an incredibly strong pull on our hearts to serve God and others as well. It breaks our hearts to see such a need world wide and want to do what we can, we want to do our part for the Kingdom. Bringing the message of the cross with us wherever we go!! People are SO LOVED and they need to know it! Jeremy can not wait to use his gifts to Glorify God, and I can't wait to do so as well! We are praising God in advance for what we accomplish, and how he's moving in our lives! Thank you for your prayers and support, you are a huge part of spreading the love of Jesus Christ!

Samantha and Jeremy

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Coming Soon Jesus is an amazing organization. I run CurrentFM radio in Virginia Beach and we have worked with Duke White & Coming Soon Jesus, in doing so we have received donations back to the station. Coming Soon Jesus has a heart for the community and is always working to bring everyone together and help local businesses and ministries.

Anne Verebely
General Manager


I just wanted to take the time to express our gratitude and appreciation for all you do in the community and for our ministry.

You have done so much for the children, often going into rough neighborhoods just to let them know they are loved, cared for, and a blessing. But most importantly, sounding the alarm that Jesus IS Coming Again Soon. We have always loved your tee-shirts and other apparel expressing our belief that Jesus is Coming Soon. Hallelujah!

We also appreciate your partnership and support for two other ministries that I founded and host ... The Church Guide newspaper and The River Room Coffeehouse Church. I can’t thank you enough and your team of volunteers for taking our monthly Christian newspaper into neighborhoods and personally hand delivering them to those who might not have ever seen our paper before. It was a wonderful act of love and kindness by sharing the many ministries available to so many people in Hampton Roads, that can only be found in our newspaper and on our website

Furthermore, we appreciate the time, people, groups, bands, and more that you have introduced us to and brought out to The River Room Coffeehouse to share their music and love for Christ. A lot of connections and new friends were made because of your efforts. Again, I say Thank You!

We appreciate your ministry, we love your apparel, and stand my the fact that Jesus is Coming Soon.

Thank you,
Ray Boetcher


Streetlight Christian Project gained the support of in the beginning of 2014. helped us fund numerous outreach projects, and provided much needed support with various fundraising events. has been hands on with Streetlight Christian Project, showing up when we need them, providing merchandise in a timely fashion, and helping to disciple those within our ministry. As a leader, CSJ gives me the opportunity to devote more time to my ministry. CSJ has proven to provide the support and platform it claims to. In many ways, it liberates the SCP to accomplish our goals and stimulate evangelism at the same time, and that's a big deal to us.

Matthew Gay
Visionary and Chief Servant of Streetlight Christian Project

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