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An Author, Life Coach, and Speaker, Dr. Clay Worrell was radically saved after years of struggling with alcoholism, opiate addiction, and depression. On Sept. 2, 2001, was shot in the head with a 9mm and saw part of Heaven. A once-proclaimed atheist untill the age of 30, it was only then that he knew God was real. As a young man he was an awarded athlete in football, baseball and martial arts. A very successful coporate businessman, Clay was in the top 1% of income worldwide. Clay had all the world could offer, from houses, cars, boats, Harleys, Rolexs, to women, drugs and alcohol. A risk taker, Clay induldged in cliff jumping, bungie jumping, and skydiving. After losing his business, he went into a 12-year downward spiral of addiction and suicidal behavior. After 25+ detox units from Virginia to Florida, 20+ hospitals, 3 suicide attempts, overdosing and being declared dead twice, 4 failed recovery programs, 10+ jail(s) and 90 days in prison, 15+ broken bones, broken homes and marriage…, Clay was lost and declared hopeless by family and even addiction counselors.

But 1 day and 1 prayer from the heart changed everything. Today Clay has a Masters in Counseling, Doctorate of Theology, has founded and co-founded two ministries, and is an executive administrator of a Bible College. Clay Worrell has a unique anointing to empower people through life experience and solid biblical teaching on how to overcome anxiety, depression, anger, unforgiveness, suicidal tendencies, pornography, and chemical addictions. His unique style of applying the Word of God in day-to-day life are exceptional. At heart he is an encourager and a motivator and shows others the way to absolute breakthroughs and victory in life.

Mission Statement: My one purpose in life is to help people realize the abundant life, the love, the peace, and joy available to them through Christ. And to also help people overcome the strongholds in life, teach them how to build a strong foundation, and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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