Up The Down Escalator


One Day while walking through an airport, coming from my flight and going to baggage claim, God gave me vision concerning the escalator I was approaching. The vision was of someone running up the down escalator, attemptempting to get away from the flames of hell licking at his feet.  "Think about people who run up the down escalator.  They are trying to get to the top but the escalator Is bringing them back down to where they started." He then explained that it is somewhat the same with many so called Christians. Their actions, thoughts, and deeds are running them up the down escalator and they are not even close to going up. They believe they are headed to Heaven because of their works, when, in fact, they are headed down to he'll in their works and deeds. Up the Down Escalator will cause Christians to really look at how they are living and point them in the direction of lining up with the Word of God.

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