Project: Apex One


In 2083, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has successfully consumed most of the world's oceans, decimating the aquatic populations on a massive scale. After years of inattention from the world's governments, scientists from the International Aquatic Preservation Foundation make a grim discovery. Within five years' time, half of all species of sharks will have become extinct, leading to universal and irreversible consequences. To combat the inevitable catastrophe, founder and CEO of the Foundation, Prof. Henry Mitchell, deploys scientists Dr. Richard and Maxine Arlington on a mysterious and covert mission at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Unbeknownst to United States Congress, the Foundation has successfully completed their felonious marine-based genetic engineering procedures. Covering his tracks with a legal multibillion-dollar project to preserve the ozone layer, Prof. Mitchell arrogantly releases his monumental creatures upon the seas, inflicting a primal fear long forgotten by man. As a result, the leviathans of the deep cause multiple fatalities, and the Arlingtons discover the foundation's frightening secret. Threatened with blackmail, they encounter an evasive scientist with the knowledge to stop the monstrous beasts once and for all.

Aboard an aged research vessel, the trio of scientists embark on a treacherous journey with a captain of a bygone era. Surpassing overwhelming odds amongst the seven seas and forces of nature beyond their control, the clock ticks down as the great beasts of prey close in on the small crew. The fleeting scientists must rely on nothing but their instincts and knowledge to survive mankind's first formidable experiment of synthetically born hunters amongst the animal kingdom.


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